We are working with your local fire brigade and the community to build resilience and capacity in bushfire prevention and preparedness.

Residents and shack owners on the West Coast of Tasmania, are you bushfire ready?

Join us in this exciting project to help develop your bushfire plan and prepare your property.

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Bushfire-Ready Tips

In this edition of Bushfire-Ready Tips we are looking at Getting Ready for Bushfire Season

Getting ready for bushfire

Getting ready for bushfire is about:

- knowing where to go to keep informed about bushfire weather and fire incidents near you

- managing vegetation around your property

- cleaning gutters and ember proofing

- preparing an emergency kit

- writing a plan, practicing it and thinking about what you are going to do when things don't quite go to plan

- and more...

Sounds like a lot to do? Let's start with some important basic information from the Bushfire Safety Guide.

Do your Bushfire Plan Now!
Complete your 5 minute bushfire plan visit bushfire.tas.gov.au