We are working with your local fire brigade and the community to build resilience and capacity in bushfire prevention and preparedness.

Residents, holiday home and rental property owners in Margate and surrounds, are you bushfire ready?

Join us in this exciting project to help develop your bushfire plan and prepare your property.

We will be visiting your area soon to help you plan for bushfire season.

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What do you want to know about so you can be bushfire-ready?

Select all that are relevant and important to you.
Let us know what you want to know more about so you and your household can be more prepared for bushfires.

What type of bushfire-ready activities or events would you like to see happening for the Margate community?

People learn in different ways. We will aim to hold activities that are relevant and useful for a wide range of people in the Margate community. What types of activities would you and your household like to attend to learn more about preparing for bushfires?

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13 November, 2020

Ian boweman says:

“Need to do a burn in the bush land across from Tassal near the top. There’s so much fuel load in there”

13 November, 2020

Gilbert Henderson says:

“Went for a drive up snug tiers today, and found the fire trails haven’t been cleared in years. Impossible to fit vehicles through ”

10 November, 2020

Tracey says:

“Community gatherings to clean up and interact with neighbouring owners along Nicholls Rivulet rd & to have a chain of contacts @ each off rd”

8 November, 2020

Marcus Stevenson says:

“Been saying this for years. Get someone to clean up the fire trails”

5 November, 2020

Linda Stafford says:

“Remove the massive tree behind my house, it is a prime target for falling embers, the owner never cleans falling matter from the tree.”

3 November, 2020

Shannon says:

“Meeting for preparation and planning Home visits?”

2 November, 2020

Anne says:

“I would like to know what roads in Margate a fire truck will not attend in the event of a fire. What roads are deemed unsuitable?”

31 October, 2020

Lucille says:

“Seems like I agree with other people on here when I saw fire trail maintenance ”

31 October, 2020

Margaret says:

“Firebrigade to visit properties that are 5 acres or more. An more info sessions.”

31 October, 2020

Cam says:

“Given the increased population in the Channel, how is traffic on the Channel Highway to be managed in the event of a mass evacuation?”

30 October, 2020

Chrissy says:

“Contact landowners to clean up fire trails or employ contractors. Some are in disgraceful condition, shame”

30 October, 2020

Peter R says:

“Clearing fire breaks/trails , the sides of roads, nature strips and verges to make them less prone to catching alight in the event of a fire”