We are working with your local fire brigade and the community to build resilience and capacity in bushfire prevention and preparedness.

Residents and shack owners in Dodges Ferry and surrounds, are you bushfire ready?

Join us in this exciting project to help develop your bushfire plan and prepare your property.

We will be visiting your area soon to help you plan for bushfire season.

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What type of bushfire-ready activities or events would you like to see happening for the Dodges Ferry community?

People learn in different ways. We will aim to hold activities that are relevant and useful for a wide range of people in the Dodges Ferry community. What types of activities would you and your household like to attend to learn more about preparing for bushfires?

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4 November, 2020

Deirdre Biggar says:

“I am concerned re the Boneseed infesting the land in front of the homes in First Ave, DF + from the high water mark on the beach.”

28 October, 2020

Barb Hart says:

“Verges slashed earlier and for notices to be sent out earlier for owners to clean up their blocks. Trees overhanging roads to be cut back.”

19 October, 2020

Hrisanthi says:

“I would be interested in a public meeting where Council, SES, TFS and Rural firefighters inform the community on how best to prepare.”

What do you want to know about so you can be bushfire-ready?

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