We are working with your local fire brigade and the community to build resilience and capacity in bushfire prevention and preparedness.

Residents and shack owners in Binalong Bay, are you bushfire ready?

Join us in this exciting project to help develop your bushfire plan and prepare your property.

We will be visiting your area soon to help you plan for bushfire season.

Want to know more about Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods?

Watch the Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods video.

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Are you prepared for Bushfire Season

Would you like to know more about preparing for Bushfire Season.

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16 November, 2020

CL says:

“What can we learn from the last bushfire season?”

11 November, 2020

Chris Hughes says:

“It would be good to have a session around preparing my property and how we work with adjoining land owners ”

11 November, 2020

dcleaver says:

“How do I decide to stay and defend or leave early.”

What are you going to do if threatened by Bushfire?

Things to consider before Bushfire Season