Welcome to the Tasmania Fire Service Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods program.

The program's aim is to build resilience and capacity in bushfire prevention, preparedness and response in Tasmanian communities most at-risk to bushfire through a sustainable community development approach.

Participate in Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods (BRN) to help you and your community be more bushfire-ready.

Some higher bushfire-risk locations have been included in Round 4 of the BRN program (2020-2022).

A small number of communities have the opportunity to participate in a digital community engagement trial.

On the map below are all BRN Round 4 communities. If you live or have a shack in Margate, Dodges Ferry, Binalong Bay or West Coast communities please click on the flashing yellow circle on the map of Tasmania.

Dodges Ferry
West Coast Communities
Binalong Bay
What does Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods look like?